Michael Rosa

“I don’t know where to start, ever since I was born, I was dope.”

Michael Rosa’s dedication to his love for making unique and “how did you do that” music, led him to being a dedicated student at Full Sail University where he earned his degree in Audio Engineering.

From his studies, continued following of his first introduction to electronic music in the Orlando and Miami areas, along with his ever changing ideas and outlooks on his certain style of music has led him to a tremendous success on many levels. Respected by all, Michael Rosa is a true talent.

Rosa’s first release came out on Illegal Alien in 2011 and was followed by a storm of highly charted and supported tunes. Most notable of which was his Represent EP on the highly world renowned and respected Deep Tech Records.
His subsequent Shook EP on Deep Tech cemented his place as an underground icon and rocketed through the charts with remixes from the likes of Chad Andrew & Sebastian Paiza, Deep Tech boss Duky and SCI+TEC artist Xordo. The release quickly became a staple in the crates of some of the biggest names all over the globe.

Having released on some of the most notable underground labels in the industry today such as: Draft/Draft Ltd., Kote, My First Love, Malicious Smile, Lowroom, Natural Beat, Yoruba Grooves, Ritmik, and Tip Tap.

Recently, Michael has taken his music and talent focus to another level in the industry, having toured the US along with two new vinyl releases, one of them being in the form of a remix for Deep Tech Records boss, Duky and the other being his solo EP, Tennessee Confessions on StillPlay Records along with Julie Marghilano and Synkrone Remixes.

Catching the attention of the West Coast based Desert Hearts Crew through his productions, led him to not only play two of their festivals but, also releasing what came to be an anthem for burners and dancers all over the US; his re-edit of Queens classic ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ which was also followed by his Sound Engineer release which came backed by remixes by Halo, David Scuba, and Butane. most recently signing a new EP with Desert Hearts own Deep Jesus remix and dance floor legend Jay Tripwire.

After being hand-picked to become the latest resident for P.U.N.C.H.I.S. at Beta Nightclub in Denver where he held a short residency before coming back to Florida to focus on launching his record label Early Morning Music, which has ben recognized world wide and respected and supported by some of the industry’s biggest players.

Rosa is ready to take on the future and the next phase of his career.

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