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Desert Hearts Records is a tribute to House, Techno, & Love. What started as an intimate renegade gathering in the Mojave Desert has since blossomed into a movement that celebrates love, life, and music. The label exists to celebrate artists that not only vibe with our sound, but also vibe with our outlook of life - centralizing around love and unity



What's up Desert Hearts Family,

The next EP comes from Ibiza - NYC based producer Eskuche. We'd been following Eskuche for a couple years after a bunch of great releases on Hot Creations and Viva Music, so when he started showing up to our City Hearts parties in New York it was only a matter of time before we received a couple bombs in our inbox. 

The 3-track Robot Love EP kicks off with the title track that's got the kind of driving and consistent groove that we love. The next track 'Deez Nuts' is appropriately a bit more playful and trippy at the same time with really dope sound design. The EP is rounded out with 'It's Okay' that just gets the blood flowing every time we hear it!

Enjoy this one.

House, Techno, and Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts.



[DH051] David Hohme - Without Doubt (feat. Rodriguez Jr. Remix).jpg

[DH051] David Hohme - Without Doubt (feat. Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Release Date
Friday, October 19th on Desert Hearts Records

What's up Desert Hearts Family,

Our long time friend of the label, David Hohme, drops the next single on Desert Hearts titled "Without Doubt." It's been pretty amazing following David's progression over the years. We remember playing some of our very first parties at Burning Man together back in 2012 when we were just starting out. To see him now touring the world with Anjunadeep makes us super proud.

The title track is simply beautiful with sweeping pads, soft piano touches, and subtle groove that totally transports to all the places you wanna go.

The remix comes from one of our favorite artists and fan favorites of the Desert Hearts Family, Rodriguez Jr. Not exaggerating, we got goosebumps the first time we heard his remix. It's the quintessential Rodriguez Jr. sound: Emotional, powerful, and epic. We can definitely see this tune going places...

The remix builds upon the emotion of the original with melodic synths, a balanced structure and arpeggiators that put chills down our spine.

We're so excited to share this one with you, enjoy!

House, Techno, and Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts.


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