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Desert Hearts Records is a tribute to House, Techno, & Love. What started as an intimate renegade gathering in the Mojave Desert has since blossomed into a movement that celebrates love, life, and music. The label exists to celebrate artists that not only vibe with our sound, but also vibe with our outlook of life - centralizing around love and unity



What's up Desert Hearts Family,

The next EP on the label comes from an artist who's personality is as big as his tunes, the one and only Jacky! We got to spend a night in London at Fabric with Jacky and true to our family's form, the guy is absolutely hilarious and wears his heart on his sleeve. 

With such an enormous EP to go along with his gigantic personality, Jacky is a perfect fit on Desert Hearts Records and we can't wait to introduce him to the rest of the family.

The Firepower EP is exactly what it sounds like... it's packing HEAT! With big basslines, roaring synths, and pounding rhythms that will annihilate any dancefloor... all while bringing some serious funk.

We think you'll love this.

House. Techno. Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts.



[DH054] Leon - Into The Groove EP.jpg

[DH054] Leon - Into The Groove EP

Release Date
Friday, December 14th on Desert Hearts Records

What's up Desert Hearts Family,

The next EP on the label comes from Italian-based house producer Leon. Eight years ago, we were drawn to Leon's music because 1) he makes incredibly dope music, and 2) Leon is the real last name shared by both Mikey Lion & Porky! We felt proud of our boy Leon for holding down our family name across the world! Eight years later, we're proud to deliver Leon's debut EP on Desert Hearts Records.

The title track '"Into the Groove" is pretty self-explanatory, instantly engrossing you with deep and moving rhythm with tons of percussive elements. "Working Out" is a fun and funky ride down a techy wormhole. Throw your hands up!

We couldn't be happier to share this one with you.



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