EDM Identity: Desert Hearts Shows Off Their Best in City Hearts Festival Debut


Over the past five years, the San Diego-based Desert Hearts Crew has been on a rise of epic proportions through the festival scene and recently debuted their first-ever City Hearts Festival in LA!

In celebration of their milestone fifth year of quality releases, unreal vibes, and events dotting the globe, the Desert Hearts Crew descended upon Downtown Los Angeles for the first-ever City Hearts Festival. While a tour spanning a multitude of cities has also been dubbed “City Hearts”, this stop was a special one as it featured more than the normal offerings at the event.

Before we get into the City Hearts Festival itself, let’s talk about Desert Hearts for a moment. Calling San Diego my home for my entire life, I have been able to get a firsthand look at the rise of the Desert Hearts Crew over the past five years. It seems like just yesterday when my friends from Encinitas and other towns in the county spoke excitedly about this new crew throwing events in the desert that featured some epic house and tech beats.

Over time their popularity began to grow, as friends outside of San Diego took notice and their events found themselves in new, larger venues to keep up with the demand. Yet during this time, for some reason or another, I never attended a single event hosted by Desert Hearts. Usually, it was due to scheduling conflicts or the fact that their spring festival is generally hosted on my birthday, but I knew I needed to catch one soon.

PressMikey Lion