[DH017] Marbs - Tusks & Tales EP

[DH017] Marbs - Tusks & Tales EP.jpg

Today, Desert Hearts Records holds high our brother in arms, Marbs, as he makes his debut on the label with his Tusks & Tales EP. As the visual artist for the label, musician, and founding member of Desert Hearts, Marbs embodies the beautifully multi-faceted culture that this community has come to represent.

Tusks & Tales is a journey through the intricately introverted mind of Marbs, a delicate and sonically melding exposé of the highs and lows fans have experienced in his performances for years. From the uplifting lead and spaced out chords of ‘Tusks & Tales’, to ‘Loveish’s emotive strings and intention setting Ray Charles sample, to the ethereal warmth of ‘Pink Skies’ created with atmospheric pulls from Dark Side of The Moon, Marbs turns from light to dark as seamlessly as the desert day turns to night.

The EP also helps welcome Barcelona native T CHES to the Desert Hearts Family with his late night rendition of the title track - a head down, hands in the air remix of the inspiring original.

"For my first EP I wanted to put something out that explored all the various sounds I enjoy. Not just deep, not just tech, but tracks that had a little of everything. I wanted the EP to embody many of the sounds you hear at Desert Hearts and the influences that brought me to who I am today." ~Marbs

By not fearing his influences and instead pushing them forth as the vehicles for expression, Marbs has created a roadmap through which fans and family alike can better understand his innerworkings - Tusks & Tales is the story within Marbs that is not often heard…

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