[DH055] Memo Rex - Light Years EP

What's up Desert Hearts Family,

The next EP on the label comes from the San Diego based homie, Memo Rex. 

Coming from a rock-n-roll background, Memo has been spending entirely too much time in the studio with DH co-founder LeeReynolds, and we gotta say... we LOVE the impact it's had on his music! Sure enough, it wasn't long before we had this gem of an EP in our inbox. 

The title track "Light Years" is a powerful groover with a deep pocket and all kinds of synths, stabs, pads and hits that all come together nicely for a solid trip light years in the making. "Relax" is a reliable dancefloor mover with wild arpeggiated chords that build just the right amount of tension. 

We think you'll really love this one. 


House. Techno. Love.
We Are All Desert Hearts.