Porky & RYBO - Ain't Your Baby Daddy (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Porky & RYBO - Ain't Your Baby Daddy (FREE DOWNLOAD).jpeg

The world’s worst kept secret is finally out!! As many of you have probably noticed by now, in true pile form, I've been slowly changing my DJ name from Porkchop to Porky. Behind all of the good times on tour, I've kind of been stuck in a funk for a hot minute, but I’m proud to say I'm finally over that hump... it’s time to show the world the best version of myself under my new chopless alias, Porky.

I hope you're ready for some NEW original productions (along with my Desert Hearts 2018 mix in a few weeks), but for now, I’m giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of @rybo_music & I’s track, ‘Ain’t My Baby Daddy’

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have across many dancefloors over the past!

Fun Fact of the Day - I’ve never really been a big fan of Porkchop. It was a nickname I had growing up as a pipsquirt, because I was always on the hunt for that Holy Grail of snacks! Many years later, I’m still on the hunt in search of finding the ultimate way of Snackin' N' Relaxin'!

Much love guys! I hope you dig the tune!