[DH008] Mikey Lion & Bengal - The Big Cats EP

[DH008] Mikey Lion & Bengal - The Big Cats EP.jpg

The 8th release on Desert Hearts Records comes from label boss Mikey Lion alongside fellow tech house enthusiast and Desert Hearts veteran, Bengal. The first track on the EP, titled "Big Cats Groove", is a tribal drum track laced with low slung lion and tiger samples. The vocal sample that instructs the crowd how to properly find the groove was appropriately recorded from Bengal's African Drum Teacher during his last semester at UC Berkeley. The second track on The Big Cats EP, titled "Like That", is a straight to the point tech house banger that hits as low to the floor as it gets. The equally tough vocal sample reminds the crowd to put trust in their DJ just as the bassline comes back in giving them what they want. Finally, Bengal's remix of "Big Cats Groove" completes the EP as he takes a much more spacey and dubbed out approach to the track. Filled with melodic synths and vocal echoes, the EP ends with a much moodier and super tripped out vibe.