[DH009] Mikey Lion & Sabo - Into The Jungle EP

[DH009] Mikey Lion & Sabo - Into The Jungle EP.jpg

Early support from Justin Martin, Tim Green, Doc Martin, Pirupa, Patrice Baumel, Adnan Sharif + more

Justin Martin:
"Beautiful stuff!!!!"

Tim Green:
"Into The Jungle Original is great! Will be playing for sure! Great music!"

Doc Martin:

"Thanks !!! Download for Miky J"

Patrice Baumel:
"Feeling the Lonely Boy remix! Keep 'em coming guys!"

Adnan Sharif:

'Into The Jungle' is the first collaboration between Desert Hearts Records boss, Mikey Lion, alongside Sol Selectas Records honcho, Sabo. Both known for regularly droppin' tribalistic drum grooves, Mikey & Sabo bonded over a common love of music and a less common love of skateboarding. They both knew it was only a matter of time before they got in the studio together to make some magic. The title track 'Into The Jungle' is a deep, forward thinking tune that takes the listener on a ride through the mystical depths of the jungle. You can almost feel the energy of the jungle breathing down your neck as you make your way through the song's rises and falls. 'Lonely Boy's Mighty Jungle Mix' takes it up another notch as the same mystic synths from the original track build for nearly 4 minutes before exploding into a massive high energy drop. The result is a 9 minute epic that is sure to rock any peak time dance floor. The next track on the EP titled 'Sally', is a much darker, stomper of a tune you wouldn't normally expect from Mikey & Sabo. Laced with big kicks, heavy synths, and cryptic vocals to boot, 'Sally' was made for peak time in a dark warehouse. Finally, to round off the EP, 'Sally' gets remixed by badass Joyce Muniz who brings a cranking tech house vibe to the track. The bassline chugs along to constantly changing high hats until the acid synth at the end brings the whole thing home. In typical Desert Hearts fashion, this entire EP was made to crush dance floors.