[DH010] Dance Spirit & David Scuba - Dust EP

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Claude Vonstroke - "Great EP supported!"
Tim Green - "fantastic release!! every track is awesome!"
wAFF - "Cool tunes will play then all!"
Amine Edge - "Downloading for Amine Edge & DANCE, thanks"
YokoO - "On the DL thanks lads"
Joyce Muniz - "dopeness!!"
Silky - "Fucking brilliant!"
Simon Shackleton - "loving the deep and devious dusty love of 'Dust'"
Atnarko - "interesting quirky bz"
Sabo - "deep & dark nice one fellas!"

The musical journeys of Dance Spirit and David Scuba alike have been defined by a unique sense of perpetual evolution and sonic exploration. Now through the infamously spirited Desert Hearts Records, these two scene dominating entities have joined forces to produce one of their most prized releases to date, the ‘Dust’ EP.

As its name implies, Dust is primed for the most tribal dance floors of the international House and Techno communities. From the spaced out percussive wonder of the EP’s title track, to the throbbing yet playfully distorted vocal samples of ‘Cactus Cloud’, right into the woefully experimental synth work of ‘Mirage’, the release delivers a murky dreamstate of massive proportion.

Hailing from Barcelona, Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius of Dance Spirit bring to this collaboration years of experience and countless releases on premiere labels like Maison D’Etre, Superfreq, Kindisch, Culprit, Akbal Music, and Endless. Their refined take on Techno calls on heavy layering and effortlessly rolling low ends to produce minimal yet vibe ridden 4/4 masterpieces. A renowned live show has landed them at Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Piknik Electronic, City Fox, Sacbe and of course on the dusty helm of the Desert Hearts Festival.

David Scuba’s impeccable taste for swelling basslines and crowd carrying anthems has earned him an industry wide reputation amongst fans and heads alike. His invaluable founding membership of Mr. C’s Superfreq has seen David’s role within the label and partysquad sprawl from resident DJ to promoter - carrying him from Detroit and Bogota to Mexico’s BPM Festival and fabric London. He too has flexed his irrefutable knowledge of the life atmosphere at Desert Hearts Festival, playing one of the most talked about sets of the Three Year Anniversary Festival this past November.

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